Marine Consultation & Supervision

MSUK provides with professional marine consultancy, shipbuilding consultation and supervision services for all kinds of new and conversion projects worldwide.

What is Marine Consulting?

The environment surrounding the vessels and ports continues to change day by day with rapid changes in the international community. MSUK makes sure to provide innovative maritime consulting services in response to these rapid changes while also matching the needs of our clients.

MSUK offers a broad range of maritime services including evaluating vessel operation environments, assessing safety during vessel mooring, evaluating port capabilities and logistic policies. Finding and imposing latest and effective solutions by conducting various analyses and simulations of the vessel transportation environment, mooring environment, etc is also a part of our Marine Consulting Services.

MSUK provides with an expert team of naval architects, marine engineers, project managers, and inspectors to manage the project starting from technical instructions and specifications, marine consultation, classification and quality control to final delivery, including all the median phases such as shipyard assessment, procurement of special equipment, plan approval, construction supervision, commissioning and training for the crew of the vessel.

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