Here at the British Marine Shipbuilding Company we’re proud to be a member of an industry recognised group of experts which specialise in shipyards and shipbuilding, especially with regards to working with customers in the Middle East.
The workforce, practices and equipment used within our shipyards always adheres to the most stringent quality and safety guidelines which is why you can rest assured that all of your marine and shipbuilding requirements will be completed to an extremely high standard.
Our shipyard construction sites are located in Liverpool (UK), Istanbul (Turkey) and Gwangyang and Busan (South Korea). If you’d like to find out more about our shipyards and practices please don’t hesitate to get in touch through our Contact Us page.
Through our continued devotion to design, manufacture and delivery, we strive to be the best shipbuilding company in the marine market which is why we value our shipyards and workshops so highly and never fail to inspect, maintain and develop to global industry standards and recognition.
Below are just some of the workshops that we use within our shipyards and if you’d like to know more then call: +44 (0) 208 274 4644 or email:

Steel assembly workshop

This semi-closed 30 metre high fabrication area houses brand new CNC plasma cutting machines which can work with materials that are up to 100mm thick. It also boasts a stainless steel and mild steel pipe area with the very best in welding and pipe bending machinery and technicians.
We also have purpose built cranes which enable the design and construction of ship blocks with the minimum of fuss and, on average, we create 12,000 tonnes of steel per year with around 30 tonnes being produced over the course of just one day, maximised by a lift capacity of 80 tonnes.

Paint workshop

We only use contemporary, state of the art equipment when it comes to painting and our experienced team of painters are skilled in all aspects of tank and deck painting and comply to international standards with regards to paint quality as well as health and safety standards.

Mechanical workshop

From repairing engines and pumps to overhauling turbochargers and reconditioning parts, our workshops house a comprehensive range of machinery and are specially equipped for dealing with all aspects of shipbuilding and marine product construction and repairs, including: retubing, boring, lapping and any other type machining, including specialist jobs such as crankshafts.

Storage facilities

We have both open and secure storage facilities which are managed online with regards to stock and repair activities. In this day and age it’s vital to have a modern logistics service running alongside the day to day workings of a shipyard which is why we’re able to offer a top quality service for our workforce and clients no matter where their nearest shipyard is situated.