Here at the British Marine Shipbuilding Company we aim to design, build, assemble and export products within complete compliance with UK and international shipbuilding standards, rules and regulations.
Through respect of both our customers and industry regulators we are able to provide a complete range of marine and shipbuilding designs, activities and equipment for ports and ships with the emphasis on the environment as well as health and safety.
We’re innovative, industrious and conscientious when it comes to our shipbuilding designs, services and solutions which is why we’ve placed ourselves at the forefront of the marine and shipbuilding industry and are a proactive developer of new and improved products.
As we strive towards achieving excellence within a global market place we’re committed to maintaining and exceeding shipbuilding industry standards in ethical, environmental and professional factors by ensuring our staff and management structure is second to none.
Thanks to our UK location we have committed to pioneering and advanced levels of shipbuilding designs and operations both in the yard and across the world with a workforce that is considered to be one of the best on the planet.
We have a vision that includes a zero incident and zero pollution approach to everything we do and as we strive towards 100% customer satisfaction we’re proud to be considered one of the most professional and hard working companies in the world wide shipbuilding industry.
Below are just a few of the commercial, port and special shipbuilding areas that we focus upon and if you need any more information about the British Marine Shipbuilding Company or any of the products or services that we offer please don’t hesitate to get in touch on: +44 (0) 208 274 4644 or by emailing