General supplies

Thanks to our UK location we’re perfectly placed to offer the central ground between North America, the Middle East and Asia which means that we can import and export equipment, parts and general supplies within a very quick turn around time.
The British Marine Shipbuilding Company are able to supply a wide selection of marine, port and shipbuilding machinery, products and equipment across the globe with a professional workforce who continually strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
Below are just some of the general supplies that we’re able to offer both onshore and offshore and if you require anything specific for your ship, port or marine business then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling: +44 (0) 208 274 4644 or emailing:

  • Oil spill recovery vessels
  • Anti-pollution barges
  • Fast service boats
  • Survey and research craft
  • Harbour and tug boat
  • Passenger and recreational boats
  • Marine and port machinery and equipment
  • Power station and electrical equipment
  • Generators, including: water, ion and bilge separators
  • Fabricated steel
  • Vehicles, including: mobile cranes and trucks
  • Fuel and oil separators
  • Welding equipment and tools
  • Decanting filters
  • Resin and paint