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Training and employment

Training and employment

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Through our management philosophy and dedication to continual improvement we place every effort and thought into our employee training programmes and aim to become the best in the business for both our customers and our workforce.
By employing a forward thinking management system we’re able to produce top quality workers and designers who undergo training in every aspect of marine and shipbuilding design, production, assemblage and export with quality assurances across the board.
From quality control inspectors and site managers to painters and welders, the British Marine Shipbuilding Company aim to produce the best staff and results in the business which is why we’re able to head towards 100% customer satisfaction as well as internationally acclaimed health, safety and ethical standards.
We feel that the firmest foundation for a high quality product is by placing the continual training of our management and workers at the top of our list of priorities and thanks to our UK location we’re able to recruit some of Europe’s, and the world’s, finest workforce.
Throughout the year we’re able to provide employee and affiliate training programmes to aid in the development, understanding and the creative innovation of our products and services.


The following list provides an insight into how BSU trains, builds and develops a level of respect and trust between employees, management and our customers:
Amongst our employees we encourage: information sharing, punctuality, mutual respect, transparency within management structures and an understanding and respect of workers’ rights.
We require the following high standards from BSU employees: keep even the most minor of promises to clients and colleagues, complete the task at hand, recognise: talent, responsibilities, individual roles and the points of view of other people.
We want our team to over achieve client expectations by: keeping promises, discovering client needs, relaying information, opening and maintaining an open channel of communication, making information readily accessible to customers and by taking the initiative and through making decisive actions.
Within the community we aim to: create a working and social relationship that involves both parties and takes into account ethical, economical and environmental factors to create a win win outcome.
Finally, BSU expects employees to be:
  • passionate
  • observant
  • helpful
  • friendly
  • patient
  • diligent
  • responsible
  • innovative
  • creative
  • challenged and to rise to the occasion
  • pioneers
  • flexible
  • proud

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If you’d like to find out more about BSU’s management system and employee training schedule or if you’d like to start your career with BSU then call: +44 (0) 208 274 4644 or email: