At British Marine Shipbuilding (MSUK) we’re passionate about quality in every aspect of our business which is why we’ve chosen the UK as the perfect base to design, manufacture, and export marine and shipbuilding products to the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.


The infrastructure, workforce and UK location more than compliments our commitment to import and export, and thanks to our global contacts and industry knowledge we’re able to provide an extremely efficient and reliable service with the minimum of fuss.


With British government backing and over 20 years’ of industry experience, MSUK can design, produce, assemble and supply a wide range of marine and shipbuilding equipment to ships and ports across the world including the following core products:


Water treatment plants
Sewage treatment plants
Reverse osmosis products
Port equipament, such as: forklifts, mobile cranes, moorings, fenders etc.

Design plays a key part in MSUK’s commitment to the marine and shipbuilding sector and we pride ourselves on getting the best from our vessels in both economical and environmental terms.


We also support and encourage a great many academic and scientific research projects and often help to arrange field trips and factory visits for students and interested parties which help to aid the understanding of the shipbuilding process from start to finish.


Finally, as we’re part of a large, industry recognised, group of expert shipyard, marine and port equipment producers, we’re able to offer security and quality of the highest order which is great news for our workforce, our clients and the global shipbuilding community as a whole.


If you’d like any more information relating to the British Marine Shipbuilding Company please phone: +44 (0) 208 274 4644 or visit our Contact Us page for more details.